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3rd January – 7.30 pm

"Winter Walk and Snowdrop Collection" with Richard Ayres MBE

7th February – 7.30 pm

“A Musical Evening” with Jancis Harvey

7th March – 7.30 pm

“Mindfulness” with Camilla Ghazala

4th April – 7.30 pm

“Beekeeping” with Andy Bennett

2nd May – 7.30 pm

Annual General Meeting & Resolutions

6th June – 7.30 pm

“Keep on Crafting” with M Shedden and M Brackenbury

4th July – 7.30 pm

"Chevely Fruit & Veg" with Liz Hall

1st August – 7.30 pm

“Our Midsummer Supper 

5th September – 7.30 pm

“The Rubbish Diet” with Karen Cannard 

3rd October – 7.30 pm

“RNLI” with Geoff Heathcock

7th November – 7.30 pm

“Beneath Our Feet” with Albi Pinnion

5th December – 7.30 pm

“Christmas Craft Night” with Sandra Scott